Welcome to Innersonix DIY!

Build your own high quality professional audio gear and enjoy state of the art sound paired with ease of use! Through collaboration and support let’s push the boundaries of technology together. I really look forward to seeing and hearing what you create using these building blocks!

Building Blocks
  • UMPC Power Supply PCB v2


    A flexible 4-rail PSU design allows for +48V phantom power, ±15-24V bipolar rails, as well as a 3.3V or 5V digital rail. Version 2 features adjustable +/- rails and 20% smaller design.

  • Lucidity Preamp PCB


    A state of the art transparent yet extremely musical digitally controlled microphone preamp. Featuring ultra-low noise and distortion THAT1570/5171 chipset Lucidity can capture the depths of the most demanding sound sources.

  • THATDIP Adapter


    The heart of our Lucidity microphone preamp, this THAT1570/5171 to DIP-32 adapter can also be used for prototyping high performance digitally controllable amplification or attenuation stages.

  • UMPC Front Panel Kit


    UMPC Front Panel controller provides an intuitive yet feature-rich user interface for currently available digitally controlled microphone preamp ICs, such as THAT5171, THAT5173, PGA2500, PGA2505, and other custom solutions that are in the works at Innersonix.

  • UMPC MIDI Remote Kit


    Enables integration with Digidesign Pro Tools® software via MIDI by emulating Avid PRE®. It automatically discovers up to 16 Lucidity Preamp channels and can work either in standalone mode or in conjunction with the UMPC Front Panel.

  • Sale!

    PGADIP Adapter

    $40.00 $38.00

    DIP-28 adapter optimized specifically for the TI PGA2500 audio performance can be used for prototyping high performance digitally controllable microphone preamps.