Universal Microphone Preamp Controller (UMPC)

Universal Microphone Preamp Controller (UMPC) is a modular system consisting of the Front Panel controller, MIDI Remote, and Meter Bridge controller. Its primary purpose is to provide an intuitive yet feature-rich user interface for currently available digitally controlled microphone preamp ICs, such as THAT5171, THAT5173, PGA2500, PGA2505 and other custom solutions that are in the works at Innersonix. Another objective of the UMPC is to enable remote control of the above chips via MIDI or TCP/IP networks.

UMPC Firmware v1.0 currently supports THAT5171 digital preamp controller. Compatibility with THAT5173, PGA2500, and PGA2505 is underway.

Front Panel controller

Soft Grouping

Make gain changes on available channels in tandem. Relative gain positions remain even when any of the grouped channels reaches its top or bottom gain limits, allowing for greater flexibility than conventional “limit grouping” behavior. Only gain changes can be grouped, while GPIO states always remain separate.

Selective GPIO Recall

Recall only the button states you need and reset the rest to defaults at power up. This is a great safety feature to use with phantom power sensitive mics. Also the 4th button can be selected to act as a GROUP control or a hardware GPIO3 switch.

Settings Menu

User accessible settings menu allows you to specify number of channels in the system, adjust for custom output stage gain offset, memorize selective functions of the preamp upon power off, specify button behavior, and more!

Customize The Look

The PCB supports two sizes of 7-segment display – 0.56″ and 0.80″. The choice of illuminated tactile buttons between Omron B3W-9000 and MEC 3F series, along with a multitude of LED color combinations can create a unique look of your gear with minimum effort.

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MIDI Remote

Enables integration with Digidesign Pro Tools® software via MIDI by emulating Avid PRE®. It automatically discovers up to 16 Lucidity Preamp channels and can work either in standalone mode or in conjunction with the UMPC Front Panel.

Pro Tools® Integration

The Remote emulates MIDI protocol of Avid PRE® and when properly configured in Pro Tools® it serves as a bridge between the DAW and supported digitally controlled preamps. When used with Lucidity Preamps the Remote gracefully interpolates 3dB coarse steps into smaller 1dB steps for smoother gain changes.


UMPC MIDI Remote can be configured to run either in standalone mode or in conjunction with the Front Panel controller. When in standalone mode the Remote scans for available preamp channels on startup and automatically parses MIDI messages according to its current hardware configuration.

Development Board

The PCB can be used to inexpensively prototype your own MIDI-enabled designs. With essential MIDI hardware on-board, such as the DIN5 connectors, the input optocoupler, ATMega48/88/168 microcontroller, and SPI headers you can turn it into a MIDI interface for your custom project.

Dual Mode

The Dual Mode is an experimental feature that allows you to use a single MIDI Remote board to emulate two Avid PREs on consecutive odd-even MIDI channels. If you have more than 8 Lucidity channels in a single chassis connected to the Remote it enables the Dual Mode automatically.

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Meter Bridge

…is coming soon


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