Lucidity – Digitally Controlled Mic Preamp

Lucidity is a state of the art transparent yet extremely musical digitally controlled microphone preamp. Featuring ultra-low noise and distortion THAT1570/5171 chipset housed in Innersonix’s hand crafted THATDIP adapter Lucidity can capture the depths of the most demanding sound sources, preserving their original spaciousness, transients, and tonal balance.

Precision Gain Changes

Enjoy ultra-precise and repeatable 1dB steps of gain changes performed on zero crossings to virtually eliminate clicking artifacts. No need to match gain knob positions with recall sheets to set your last session’s settings – simply write down the gain numbers, or better yet, use UMPC to remember them for you.

Selective Recall

Since gain, polarity, input pad, and phantom power are digitally controlled they can be stored in the UMPC controller and selectively recalled on every channel upon startup. You can filter out any function(s) from being recalled, such as phantom power to make sure no accidental damage of a phantom sensitive mic occurs during recall.

Customize the output and Pad

Choose between single-ended or differential output stages, custom output driver gain boost or attenuation, try different opamps to suit your tonal and transient response preferences. The input Pad can also be adjusted to give you the ultimate gain range for your specific application, be it a high-gain ribbon mic classical recording or a dynamic live rock concert.

Insert header

A dedicated header on the PCB provides differential output prior to the line driver stage, which allows for a multitude of applications, including buffered mirrored output for splitting signal for recording and monitoring, compression, EQ, and many others. The header also includes ±V rails to power your insert, if housed internally.

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